Time Billing

Record time for your attendances on the case and charge the client (or debtor) accordingly. Click the Timed Activity button on the right hand side on the webpage; the following box will appear:-


Select the operator who performed the work; if different to the default.

Select the appropriate pre-defined charge code from the list. The description will automatically be extracted from the charge code definition. Here you can change the description if required by over-typing the text therein. You may also change the date, which defaults to the current system date.

To start the timer, click the image of the clock. The time field below will start to display the time. When you wish to finish timing the activity, click the clock again.

The cost will be automatically calculated.

Alternatively you can manually enter the hours, rate, or units to calculate the total to be billed.

Tip: If you want to record your time but not charge for it, tick the check box labeled “Recoverable”. If this option is not available, see user security settings.

NOTE: If your user security allows it, you may tick “Override Rates and Units” which will allow you to specific a flat amount.

To apply the charges, click the appropriate “Apply” button from the Action Bar.

To clear the screen and start again, click the “Clear” button on the Action Bar.

Click “Save” on the Case Manager to save the applied charges against the record.