Note and Email Templates

When making file notes, sending emails or SMS messages, quite often you will find yourself repeating yourself over and over again. Templates allow you to pre-save these common file notes, SMS messages and Emails so you can simply select them instead of continuously re-typing them.

Tools > Workflow Setup > Note and Email Templates

Note Templates are pre-stored shortcuts for making case notes.

Note Templates are selected from the options list when making a new note in Case Manager.

Creating a new Note/Email Template

A note template code must be unique. Enter your new code in the "Code" field.

IMPORTANT: The code should not contain any spaces or characters other than letters or numbers; except a full stop.

Describe the note template in the field labeled “Description”. This is what the users will see in the list of note templates on the add note screen in the Case Manager.

If it’s an Email template, tick where indicated. Leaving this un-ticked will make the template available when making a new case manager note.

Where it’s an Email template, select the party that the email is to be directed to.

Enter the note template text where indicated.

Tip: Where variable information is required in the template such as dates and phone numbers specific to each case, use the merge fields shown on the right of the page. For example: “Called debtor on @Mobile and left a message”.

Mark as Private, if ticked will record the note created on the case as private so the client cannot view via the web portal.

Diary Days Ahead allows you to nominate the number of days you wish the case to be diarized ahead for when this template is run.

Status allows you to nominate a change of status to occur on the case when this template is run.

Click “Save” to save.