Stationery Definitions

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Every document must be assigned to a stationery type. Stationery types allow you to manage dispatch of documents according to different printing stationery and can direct them to certain printers and printer tray, as well as determine immediate dispatch upon request.

Creating a new Stationery Type

A code for the stationery type must be unique. Enter your new code in the "Code" field.

IMPORTANT: The code should not contain any spaces or characters other than letters or numbers; except a full stop.

Describe the Stationery type where indicated.

If documents belonging to this stationery type should be dispatched immediately upon execution, tick where indicated. An additional option will appear that will determine if the documents will immediately print or appear in a pop-up window for viewing first. Make your selection where indicated.

You can send documents belonging to the stationery type to a specific printer by selecting the printer where indicated. If the printer has printer trays defined, you may force the printing to a particular tray for the printer by selecting it where indicated.

Click “Save”.

Update an Existing Stationery Type

Enter the existing stationery code in the "Code" field. If you do not know the code click  on the toolbar and perform a search.

Once you have entered the code, the record will be opened for you to amend accordingly.

Make your amendments then click “Save” to save your changes.

Tip: You can copy an existing record by opening the record you wish to copy, then give it a new unique code and click “Save”. A carbon copy will be created with the new code which can be amended as per your requirements.