Send SMS messages

To send the debtor an SMS text message, click the button on the right of the screen labeled “Send SMS”

If SMS messaging has not been enabled the following alert will appear. SMS messaging can be disabled system wide, by client or by user.


Each user profile can enable or disable this function too. If SMS messaging is not enabled on the user profile the following message will appear:-


If SMS messaging has been enabled, the following page will appear:-


If user security settings permit, you can choose between messaging the debtor or an agent assigned to the case.

Tick the check box next to the mobile number you want the message sent to, then select the SMS Template from the list, or type your message in the Message Text area.

User security settings will either allow you to select a pre-defined SMS Template, type your own message text, or both.

Click the “Run” button on the Action Bar to continue, then click the “Save” button on the Case Details page.

The SMS message may be sent immediately or queued for management to approve, depending on your system settings.

A note will be added to the note history that will indicate if the message has been sent or queued. If the message has been queued, once management have approved and sent it, the note will be updated with the sent status.