Setup Integrated searching

DebtCol integrates with InfoTrack so that you can perform most searches on cases (ASIC, Bankruptcy, Land Titles Search and more) and have the search results saved on the case and automatically on-billed to your customer.

You will need to sign an agreement with InfoTrack and an integration key will be supplied with a username and password.

Enabling Integration

Go to Administrator Tools à System Parameters

Go to the “Other” page and select the tab labelled “Infotrack Searches”

Tick “Allow InfoTrack Searches”

Insert the InfoTrack Search URL 

Enter username, password and integration key supplied by InfoTrack

Insert the InfoTrack Web Service Address:-

Should be an extension of your DebtCol portal address with /iTrack/iTrackSearch.asmx appended to the end.

Mapping Charges to search products

To setup charge rules for searches, go to Administrator Tools à System Parameters

Go to the “Other” page then click the “InfoTrack Search Fees” tab

In the table, choose the search product from the first column then choose the transaction type of “SEARCH FEE –RECOV” or “SEARCH FEE – NONRECOV” depending on whether the search is recoverable from the debtor or not.

Select a charge code which should be tied to the same transaction type, then nominate the method and rate or margin.

Choose who the charge is to be applied to.

No charge will not charge anything.

To client will only charge to the client on the case.

To debtor will only charge to the debtor on the case.

To both will charge debtor and client.