View and Re-dispatch Invoices

When you generate invoices in DebtCol, they are stored against the client record. You can make them available to the client via the DebtCol web portal and you can view and re-dispatch them as needed.

Accounting > Billings > Historical > Re-dispatch Invoice

Here you can view and re-dispatch past invoices generated.

To list all invoices based on a client, enter the client code in the relevant field. The results will appear in the table below.

To locate a specific invoice, enter the invoice number in the relevant field. The result will appear in the table below.

To re-dispatch a specific invoice, click the row containing the invoice of choice, then nominate the method of dispatch from the list labeled “Re-Dispatch By”. Complete the dispatch details and click OK.

INFORMATION: When you click on an invoice number in the table, the original dispatch details will be displayed below the table.
Tip: Change the dispatch details then click “okay” to reproduce and re-dispatch the selected invoice in a different manner. For example, if an invoice was originally emailed, you can alter the email address, message, invoice format and export attachment. These changes only relate to the re-dispatching of the invoice and do not override the original dispatch details.

Batch re-dispatch of Invoices

Accounting > Billings > Historical > Redispatch Invoice Batch

This process allows a user to re-dispatch generated invoices in bulk.

Enter the date of the invoice run where indicated then click “Search”.

The results will appear in the table below. Each found item will be ticked for re-dispatch. Un-tick any invoices you don’t wish to re-dispatch.

To re-dispatch in the exact same way they were originally sent, set “Re-dispatch By” to “as per original”. This way invoices that were emailed will be emailed to the original address and invoices sent to a printer will be sent to that same printer.

To re-dispatch the selected invoices to a specific printer, set “Re-dispatch By” to “to printer” then select the printer where indicated. This will re-dispatch all selected invoices to the specified printer.