Build a work list from Campaigns

Go to the "My Campaigns" page from the side-menu.

The “My Campaigns” page is where you can build a pre-defined query to locate a list of prospects to be reviewed.

Go to the “My Campaigns” page. Any work flow lists assigned to your prospect user will be available to choose from the list.

Click “Build” on the Action Bar to run the pre-defined query and build the list of prospects. A list of options will appear in a table like in the diagram below.


Scroll through your list of options using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the table.

Having located your prospect, click the hyperlink number in the Code column and you will be taken into the General Details screen for that prospect.

Once you are in the General Details page, you can use the navigation buttons on either side of the code field to move forward and backward through the list.

Clear campaign results

To clear the campaign results, click the button labeled “Clear” on the “My Campaigns” page.