Notate or add an attachment

To add a note to the note history, or add an attachment, click the button labeled “Add Note” and the following screen will appear:-


Enter your note where indicated, and/or click “browse” to add attachment(s) and click “Okay” to save.

Note: If you receive an error message when loading attachments, your Internet Explorer settings may not allow access data across domains. Click here for more.

Alternatively you can construct a note from a pre-defined note template (see Tools > System Collection Tools > Note Templates) by choosing a template from the list. The template will insert the predefined note into the text area and can also set the diary date and status automatically.

To make a note private from viewing by the client when they are logged in, or to exclude from the case report, tick the check-box labeled “private”.

Private notes are shown in red.

Here you can also add an electronic file as an attachment. Click the “Browse” button, locate the file to be attached and click “Okay”.

During the process of uploading your attachment, the text will be shown in blue.


Once the file upload has successfully complete the text will be in green.


If the upload of the file fails the text will be shown in red.

When the note is added to note history, the note text will commence with “Document Attached:”

Here you may also change the diary date and status for the debt.

IMPORTANT: When you click “Okay” the entire case will be saved, including any changes made before the note is added