Move Case to a different Client

On occasion, you may need to move a case (or group of cases) from one client to another. This could be due to operator error, or for any other reason.

Tools > Advanced Tools > Move Debt

Here is where you are able to move a selected case to another client.

Enter your search criteria where indicated. If it is a single case to be moved, simply enter the case number in the field of the same name.

Click “Search” to return the results.

The column labeled “Move” will have all results ticked by default. To exclude any cases from being moved, un-tick them. Alternatively use the "Tag/Untag All" button.

Enter the client code you wish them transferred to in the “Move to Recipient Client”  field.

Click “Okay” to move the selected cases.

IMPORTANT: When moving a case to another client, the new clients default commission rate, payment allocation and cause code will automatically be assigned to the case.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you will not be able to move any cases containing invoiced charges which are unpaid by the client.