Each stage of litigation is executed using a pre-defined action wizard. Pre-defined action wizards can be located in the action select box which is located at the top of the case details page.


Simply click on the shortcut of your choice and click the execute button:-


Once you become more familiar with the shortcut codes, you can type the code in the shortcut field and the system will automatically attempt to locate it in the list.

All pre-defined litigation action wizards are classified as "Litigation" So if you want a list of all litigation action wizards, click the button labeled “Litigation”.

To fine-tune the list of action wizards, enter part of the action description in the field labeled “Description”, or choose the legal jurisdiction then click the “Locate” button on the Action Bar. This will find only actions where you word is contained in its description.


For example, if you are looking for a judgment obtained action, you could enter “judgment obtained” in the Description field and click “Locate” and it would return all pre-defined action wizards containing “judgment obtained” in the description that belong to the jurisdiction you chose i.e. Victorian Magistrates' Court.

For a full suite of pre-defined actions of all key stages of litigation across all Australian Jurisdictions, click here.