Client Journal (Debit/Credit Postings)

DebtCol handles most of the client charging within operator activities. For example, when applying debtor payments it will calculate the commission to charge the client. When running action wizards to generate letters of demand or legal action, these action wizards can include charges so that when the action is run, the charge is also generated. However, on occasion it may be necessary to apply a debit or a credit to the client, which doesn’t necessary relate to a single case. The Debit/Credit Postings screen is the place to apply such items.

Accounting > Billings > Client Journal (Debit/Credit Postings)

Client Journals are used where you create one off charges or credits to the client that are not directly related to a specific case.

Enter your client in the “client code” field.

The “effective date” is the date of the charge. This field will automatically populate with today’s’ date, overtype to change if required.

In the “charge code” filed choose the type of charge from the drop down select box provided.

Specify if the charge is a disbursement or otherwise by choosing the relevant “type”.

If the transaction relates to a case, enter the case number where indicated.

The “narrative” will automatically input the description of the charge code. Overtype to change if required.

Enter the “amount” to charge the client.

IMPORTANT: Remember to put a minus sign in front of the amount of the credit

The system will automatically calculate the tax on the charge.

Click “Save” on the Action Bar to save the transaction OR click “Exit” to escape without saving.