Documents for Service (Legal Steps)

Tools > Workflow Setup > Attendance Tools > Legal Steps/Service Documents

These are pre-stored records which reflect each legal document for service. When creating a new process serving case you must stipulate which document is to be served, so ensure you have pre-defined them here for easy selection at the time of loading new cases.

Because "Legal Steps" are also used in the debt recovery side of the system, some fields on the screen may not relate to process serving and can be skipped. The fields required are mentioned below.

The Code must be unique using on numbers and letters.

Describe the document so users loading new cases can easily identify it.

Choose the jurisdiction this legal form relates to.

Describe the name of the document as you would like it described in the body of an Affidavit.

Select any accompanying documents to be served with it. i.e. A Magistrates' Court Complaint must be served with two copies of a Form 8A Notice of Defence

Tip: Right-mouse click on accompanying service documents then choose "maintain" to quickly create any new ones required.

Tick "Allow Repeat"

You can set a default manner of service for each type of entity. i.e. if the subject is an individual the service manner is for "personal service or fellow resident over 16 years residing thereat...", or where it's a company the manner of service may be on an "authorised employee over 16 years..."