Common Conversation Templates

Tools > Workflow Setup > Attendance Tools > Service Conversations

Here you can pre-store common conversations agents have when serving documents. Form the agent portal and the document service manager page you can select from any pre-stored conversation saving the agent time and gaining accuracy at the time of input.

Tip: Populate the template with case specific information by locating a suitable merge field on the screen and typing it into the conversation text where needed. i.e. @DocName will merge the name of the document being served on the case.

The code must be unique and made up of only letters and/or numbers.

Describe the conversation in a way that is easy for the agent to identify.

The conversation text should be how you would like it to appear on an Affidavit. Here is an example of a common conversation template for personal service:-

I asked, "Are you @SubjectFullName the person named as the @DefendantType in this @DocName?" the @MaleOrFemale appeared to look at the documents and replied: