Attendance Types

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Common methods of serving legal documents are stored here. When an agent records details of service either via the agent portal or within the document service screen, selecting the type of service can then determine the input data fields to be they are prompted with, plus automating a summary notation of the event through the use of the summary template. Use the merge fields to insert variable information by locating them and simply typing the field name where needed. i.e. @DateServed to insert the date of service into the note.

The code must be unique and only contain letters and/or numbers

Describe the attendance type in a way that is easy to identify for agents to choose

Stipulate the type of job i.e. "Process Serving" or "Field Call" etc

The summary template is where you record how the summary notation is structured. Use the merge field to include variables. Here is an example of a summary template:-

Further to your instructions our agent @AgentName attended at the given address of @Address on @DateServed at @TimeServed and served the documents upon @Defendant, personally.  At the time of service the recipient stated "@remarks". @ContactPhone

Tick the input fields requiring data for this type of service.

If you would like the job to have its follow-up date change you can specify how many days ahead you want the system to set it to when this type of attendance occurs.

It is a good idea to set a status when an attendance is recorded as it helps with reporting and to better manage your workload. Pick which status you would like set when this type of attendance is recorded.