Daily tasks to be Run

This section covers the what tasks need to be run on DebtCol on a daily basis.

Mass Processing Scheduler

The mass processing scheduler which will perform a series of critical functions such as actioning payment arrangements, multi-staged action wizards, verification of data quality and can also include some of your site-specific reports for emailing.

There are certain system processes that must be run daily and these will automatically appear in the schedule.

The current system date will automatically appear in the “Scheduled On” field. To schedule the end of day for a specific day and time, enter the date in “Scheduled on” and the time in the field labeled “At”.

IMPORTANT: The schedule time must be in 24 hour time.

IMPORTANT: If you schedule the End of Day for a time in the future, your DebtCol session must remain logged in until the set time.

As certain reports can be added to the schedule that you may not wish to run every time, you can un-tag such scheduled items by un-ticking the related process in the column labeled “Run”.

Click “Run” from the Action Bar to start the schedule.

On completion the column in the table labeled “Done” will be ticked for each item that was successfully completed and “Done on” and “Done at” will be populated with the date and time completed respectively.

Click “Exit” to exit the schedule.

IMPORTANT: When you exit the schedule a prompt will appear informing you that changes will be lost. Please click OK at this prompt.

Unassigned Emails

This is like the systems Inbox. Where an incoming email cannot be automatically linked to a record, it will appear here. Users can then assign to the appropriate record, or delete any junk.

SMS Management

Tools > SMS Approval

Depending on your System Settings, SMS text messages can be dispatched immediately upon an operator saving the case within Case Manager, or messages can go to a queue where a manager will be able to review text messages before sending.

In the SMS Approval process, click “Build” on the Action Bar to see a list of SMS messages awaiting approval and dispatch.

Note the number of rows in the table footer and ensure there are enough SMS credits available in the field labeled “Credits Available”. Contact DebtCol if SMS further credits are required.

To send an SMS message click “Send” on the related row. Click “Run” on the Action Bar to dispatch the selected SMS messages. A note will be added to the case showing the SMS has been dispatched and its status.

To delete an SMS message click the button labeled “Remove” on the row relating to the SMS message for deletion. The SMS will immediately be removed from the list and a note added to the case showing the queued SMS has been deleted.

IMPORTANT: All messages have the case number automatically appended to it.  SMS messages received by the debtor cannot be replied to.

Arrangements can be flagged to send a reminder SMS a set number of days prior to installments falling due. This is a generic message with the necessary variable information such as amount due, installment date and case number.