Entities > Branches

Where the agency has more than one office location, you can define such offices here. Once branches have been defined, attach them to the appropriate clients. This will allow for branch based reporting.

Creating a new Branch

A branch code must be unique. Enter your new code in the "Code" field.

IMPORTANT: The code should not contain any spaces or characters other than letters or numbers; except a full stop.

Fill out all branch details then click “Save” to save.

Tip: Branch details recorded here are available as mail merge fields for documents and reports. So when a client is assigned to a branch, any document produced for the given client can have the branch specifics merged into the respective document.

You can generate invoices, trust refunds and trial balance summary based on branch.

You may specify default and available printers for each branch, holiday dates and if the branch is outside Australia, stipulate any applicable GST rate.