Batch Import of Case Payments

Tools > Batch Updates > Batch Import of Case Payments

The payments must be in a tab delimited text file and must contain the following columns of data:-

NOTE: Because the client is likely to provide you with their reference number and not the Case Number, the program will locate it using the Primary Client Reference and the Client Code.

Select “Payments” as the upload type.

Select the “Upload Format” from the list.

Browse to locate the file to import.

If the import file is from a specific client, input the client code where indicated. The debts listed in the text file must relate to the selected client code.

If the import file is from a banking institution then leave the client code blank.

Click the “Upload” button to upload the data from the text file to the screen for viewing and verification.

IMPORTANT: When payments are imported, repeat offenders (multiple debtors sharing the same account number for that client) can have payments applied to the oldest debt. Check Client Maintenance “Other Overrides” page and ensure “Apply Imported Payments to Oldest” is ticked.