Batch Import of Arrangements

Tools > Batch Updates > Batch Import of Arrangements

Here you can import a tab delimited text file containing details of new arrangements to enter against existing debts.

The format of these tab delimited text files must be as follows:-

The data must contain existing debtors for a single client.

On the DebtCol screen, enter the Client Code where indicated.

Browse to locate the file to import.

Click the “Upload” button to upload the data from the text file to the screen for viewing and verification.

Un-tick any arrangements you may not wish to load

Click “Run” to create the arrangements

IMPORTANT: When arrangements are imported, repeat offenders (multiple debtors sharing the same primary client reference for that client) can have arrangements applied to the oldest debt. Check Client Maintenance “Other Overrides” page and ensure “Apply Imported Arrangements to Oldest” is ticked.