Batch Import of New Cases

Tools > Batch Updates > Batch Import of New Cases

This process is designed to import and action debts in bulk from an external data file.

IMPORTANT: Before you can use this process you must define a template for the import of cases.

Where indicated, enter the client code the imported debts will be loaded under.

Alter any defaults such as operator and action wizard to run BEFORE reading in the external file. 

Click "Add Files" and browse to locate the file to import. 

NOTE: The Add Files box will show you the status of the uploading of the file. A successful upload will reflect in green.

Click "Read File" to preview the data.

IMPORTANT: Excel formats cannot be uploaded. These must be saved as either tab delimited text files or CSV comma separated files.

When the file is imported, ensure the data has been mapped to the correct columns in the table before proceeding. This will ensure that if the provider of the file has made any changes, they get detected before the debts are loaded into the live system. If the data in the table does not appear to be in the correct columns then check the file with the provider.

When the table data has been checked and verified, click “Run” on the Action Bar to load the debts into the live system.

IMPORTANT: You cannot load the same filename more than once on the same day.

Upon completion, the case number column will populate with the new cases loaded. Any action wizard specified to run immediately will have been run on each case.