Batch Import of Call Results

Tools > Batch Updates > Batch Import of Call Results

This process is designed to import the results of a bulk dialler campaign. It will update the cases with the results of the calls made.

IMPORTANT: Before you can use this process you must ensure your file meets the below format conditions.

The incoming file must have the following layout or structure:


The case number must be present in the file to identify the file the results are to be added to.

New notes will be added to the cases referenced in the call results file.

Ensure the incoming file is saved as a TXT (TAB) delimited file format.

Click on “Add files” then browse your directories to select the file to be imported.

IMPORTANT: Excel formats cannot be uploaded. These must be saved as text (tab delimited) file type.

Click “Read File”

When the file is imported, ensure the data has been mapped to the correct columns in the table before proceeding. This will ensure that if the provider of the file has failed to comply with the layout structure above, they get detected before the cases are updated into the live system. If the data in the table does not appear to be in the correct columns then check the file layout and adjust accordingly.

When the table data has been checked and verified, click “Run” on the Action Bar to load the call results into the live system.